I was born in Kenya and have lived most of my life in Africa namely Kenya; South Africa; Malawi and Tanzania. In 2005 I moved to the Netherlands where I now live in The Hague. My paintings can be described as magic realism with a firm surrealistic slant. Strongly influenced by the continent of Africa and African story telling, the work reveals hope within dark moments or dark moments within those of hope; tells stories of the societies I live in, the comings and goings of our times. More recent work depicts my impressions and tell stories of Europe, at present particularly the Netherlands and The Hague. In the past three years I have come to love "Den Haag" and call it my own. My father moved from Haarlem to Kenya in the 1930s and my motherís family moved as Dutch descendents in South Africa to Kenya in 1907. It is fascinating to be on this journey of discovering the land of my forefathers. However, somewhat disconcerting to find that, although I am Dutch and have European history and life philosophy as part of my bones and memories, I feel as though I am experiencing my life in the Netherlands through African senses, in that I am deeply African too. Globalization is a sign of our times, the global society is fascinating and the Hague seems to be a microcosm of this state. With the current and many rapidly escalating chronic crises; technical and scientific advances; and radical changes in societies, it is indeed a time when artists should diligently continue their task of depicting their observations and understandings of the world they live in using their own particular style to do this. History in the past has relied on artists' depictions to enhance historical recordings and bring deeper understanding of mind-set, places, lives and times of civilizations. In my corner of the world I am challenged and excited to use whatever talent and skills I have to do this, while keeping my sense of humor and appreciation of life. I can only trust that there are those who can understand the language with which I speak in my work.